3 Unusual Things You Can Do To Add Value to Your House in Kansas City

On average over the long haul, homes usually increase in value. That, of course, is good news for both buyers and homeowners. Still, they should do whatever they can to ensure that their home appreciates, especially if they intend to sell later. No doubt, you’ve heard all the conventional advice about how to add value – things such as painting, updating light fixtures, installing new flooring, and so on. But, today, we what to look at 3 unusual things to add value to your house in Kansas City.

1. Installing Fencing

One of the top (and slightly out of the ordinary) ways to add value to your house in Kansas City is simply by installing fencing. Not only can it add to that much-desired curb appeal, but it also gives buyers (especially millennials) something they highly desire in homes today. Basically, it can add to both aesthetic appeal and functionality, especially for families with young children and/or pets.

“Fencing in your yard is almost always a wise investment and can increase your home’s value. If you are considering installing a fence, or already have one installed, be mindful of the fence’s design. . . . [I]t comes as no surprise that a chain-link fence can be detrimental to the home’s value, but a fence made with natural materials such as cedar will have much greater curb appeal.”

In addition, fencing can definitely add value where millennials are concerned. “Millennials represent the largest buyer pool of any current home-buying group, with the median age of buyers being 32 years old. These folks are actually buying homes with large fenced-in yards for their dogs. Many . . . will immediately rule out houses that don’t have great fenced-in yards for their four-legged friends.”

2. Boosting Curb Appeal, Especially by Adding Stone Veneer

In a similar vein, you can add value to your house, by concentrating explicitly on curb appeal, specifically by adding stone veneer.

Boosting curb appeal, although not actually an unusual way to add value, remains highly important nonetheless because it serves to create that critical great first impression. 

“The best place to begin when creating a powerful first impression is on the outside. Whether you’re experimenting with new front-door color ideas or you hire a professional landscaper to accentuate your front yard, you only have one chance to set the tone your home deserves.”

In addition, working on curb appeal, in particular landscaping, typically yields a good return on the investment. “ Hiring a landscaper is time and money well spent . . . A review of research . . . found that a well-landscaped home had a 5.5-12.7% price advantage over a home with no landscaping. That translates into an extra $16,500 to $38,100 in value on a $300,000 home.”

Now, here’s the more unusual aspect of adding value by boosting curb appeal: adding stone veneer, which “is one of the most impactful ways to generate profit from a renovation.”

“Adding manufactured stone veneer is the number-one project for recouping your investment. . . . So, if you’re looking for traditional garden ideas with economical benefits, this renovation is the solution.”

3. Working on Energy Efficiency, Health, and Quality Family Space

The third of our 3 unusual things to add value to your house in Kansas City is actually a three-pronged tactic. It involves energy efficiency, health, and family space – all important concerns for most families.

Enhancing energy efficiency almost always adds value, but especially in areas and rooms that are usually neglected in this regard, for instance, the basement. “Unfinished basements tend to have cracks where air conditioning or heating leaks out. By properly sealing and insulating your basement, you will put less strain on your HVAC system and save money on your energy costs. Better yet, you will also gain a more comfortable home at the same time.”

Making your house healthier can also add value. Primarily, this means eliminating damp areas to prevent mold and mildew and the health hazards they pose.  

And then there’s providing quality family space to add value. Examples include turning a room or basement into a TV room or even a home theater – basically, a space where the family can gather to talk, share memories, relax, and celebrate holidays together.

More Ways to Add Value to Your House

These are probably the top unusual things you can do to add value. Still, there are many more things you can do and tactics you can deploy that are also effective. But the difficulty lies in knowing what will actually work to add value to your market. Not all improvements will work in all local markets. And that’s why you consult your Kansas City agent before pouring money into improvements that may or may not add value. We have experienced agents who can provide the guidance you need. If you’re looking to add value to your house in Kansas City, contact us today at (913) 708-1185.

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